Visiting Xcaret Park in Playa Del Carmen

In this VLOG we’re visiting Xcaret Park in Playa Del Carmen! This is the first stop on my second Carnival Cruise, and since I didn’t do a good job capturing my first cruise, I wanted to capture as much as I could this time around. I’m not capturing everything just for my own memories, but also to give some insight to anyone that is considering going to Xcaret.

There are well over 60 different activities on in Xcaret from day to night, but since I was only there for about half a day, we did about 5 activities. If you’re visiting Cozumel or Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and want to visit Xcaret, check out their website But if you’re on a cruise, then I would suggest booking it through the cruise line to ensure that you can arrive and depart within the allowable hours for that stop. I’ve only cruised with Carnival, so if you’re a first time cruiser, what you want to look for on their website is the “Carnival Cruise Excursions” to book it. As with any excursions on the cruises, I always suggest to book them as far in advance as possible, because the good things get booked up quick and then you’re limited on your options.

Anyhow, back to Xcaret Park! We opted to stay with our tour guide and toured a good amount of the grounds. What I really like about having a tour guide was all the extra info they provide and also keeping a good pace. After the ground tour, we decided to swim the river. One thing I will point about the river is the water levels can vary, when I watched other videos, the water levels were low and everyone was walking through it. When we went, the water was pretty deep and we weren’t able to walk through any of it, so be ready to do a good amount of swimming. That being said, if you get too tired, there are several stops throughout the river that you can exit at but we stuck it out all the way through the end. After the river, our tour guide reserved a great place for us to eat, which is the timelapse view you see at the start of the video.

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