Using ORCISH Recovery Traction Boards To Take Delivery Of My RV

By Melvin Maya | October 19, 2020

When I purchased my RV, I ended up needing to use ORCISH recovery traction boards to take the delivery of my RV.

Buying My RV | 2021 Volante 3601 LF Fifth Wheel

By Melvin Maya | October 18, 2020

In this video, I’m buying my RV, a 2021 Volante 3601 LF Fifth Wheel, and I’m bringing you along.

Installing iBoard Running Boards On My 2020 Silverado 2500HD

By Melvin Maya | October 11, 2020

In today’s video, my roommate and I will be Installing iBoard Running Boards on my 2020 Silverado 2500HD!

Moving Into A Fifth Wheel Full Time

By Melvin Maya | October 7, 2020

Well, I said it over a year ago, and soon I’ll be moving into a fifth wheel full time!

2018 Road Trip With My Parents San Francisco to Texas

By Melvin Maya | September 20, 2020

The first leg of the drive was from San Francisco, CA to Phoenix, AZ.

2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Muir Woods

By Melvin Maya | August 30, 2020

For our last day in San Francisco, we drove just a little North, across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley, to visit the Muir Woods National Monument.


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