Time Square and Grand Central Station

In my last BLOG I told you that day two wasn’t finished and I joined one of two groups for the remainder of the night. Rather than heading out to a bar and having drinks, I opted to go to Time Square and Grand Central Station, and I’m glad I did. After seeing both Time Square and Grand Central Station in so many movies, TV shows and special events, it was a really cool experience to see them in person.

Time Square was much bigger than I expected, I knew it spanned a few blocks, but once you get there and see not only how far the lights and signs go, but also how high, it’s definitely a site to see! It was also on my Bucket List, so I was able to check it off!

Grand Central Station was another one I got to check off my Bucket List. We visited at night and although I’ve never been before, I think we went at the perfect time, because there was hardly anyone there. I imagine if we would have gone during the day that it would have been packed full of people and I may not have been able to capture some of the videos I did.

Now that day two is done, it’s time to move on to day three and it’s looking like day three is gonna have to be broken up into three videos, because we crammed a lot into a single day.

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