Staten Island and Tribeca Film Festival

It’s day two of my Weekend in New York and we went to Staten Island and Tribeca Film Festival! All throughout this trip I was able to check stuff off of my Bucket List! Is this your first time hearing about my Bucket List? If so, go check out my BLOG “Melvin Maya’s Bucket List” where I explain all about it!! After you’ve checked it out, feel free to comment below with your suggestions of things to add to my Bucket List! In this video I was able to check off Bucket List Item #388 “Attend Tribeca Film Festival”.

Enough about the Bucket List, let’s get into day two of my weekend in New York! We started our day by walking to the Staten Island Ferry, which was only a few blocks from our apartment. We took the ferry from New York and crossed the Upper New York Bay to Staten Island. As you probably noticed in the video, it was a gloomy and gray weather day, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to get very nice photos of the Statue of Liberty. We didn’t spend any time in Staten Island, we basically just took the ferry for the experience. It was a cool view of New York though once we were about half way across. After we returned to the ferry port back on the New York side, we did a little more walking around the area and grabbed a bite to eat before heading back to our apartment to chill for a bit and meet up with more of our group.

From there we jumped into another Uber/Lyft to head to Tribeca Film Festival. While I was filming this entire trip, I was going to do an Uber/Lyft count throughout the videos but once the trip was done, I realized there were WAY TOO MANY to even count them all. I lost count somewhere around 30-35... luckily we all took turns paying for them or that would’ve added up really quick! Anyhow, back to Tribeca Film Festival. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I really enjoyed it. We went to the TFF headquarters for a bit to check some things out and so Roger could get our tickets for the films we got to screen. From there we jumped into another Uber/Lyft and headed over to the theater to watch the films. We got to screen a series of films called “Shorts” and all of them were great!

After that we went back to the apartment to change and go out for dinner. This VLOG ended after dinner but that’s not where the night ended. Once we finished dinner, half the group went out for drinks and the other half went to Time Square and Grand Central Station. If you wanna know which group I went with, make sure to check out my next VLOG!

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Below is a list of all the equipment that was used to film this video
Canon M50:
Canon 18-135:
Rode VMPRPLUS Videomic Pro-R+:
Rode DeadCat GO Windshield:
Manfrotto Mini Tripod:
Google Pixel XL 2:




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