From Houston to New York

Last year I was fortunate enough to travel way more than usual! In April I got to spend a weekend in New York and this video shows my first day as I traveled from Houston to New York. I was pretty anxious to take this trip for several reasons! Mainly because it was my first time ever visiting New York but also because we were going there for the Tribeca Film Festival, but that’s not until the next VLOG.

As I mentioned, I was fortunate to travel a lot in 2018 and more than once, that was thanks to my good friend Roger. Roger and I go back over 15 years and in that time I’ve covered a lot of ground with him. From travel, to film festivals and music festivals to just an all around great friendship. Aside from my flight, he made pretty much all the arrangements for the weekend in New York, and lucky for me that he did! Because not only was it my first time there but we stayed on Wall Street! We were within walking access to so many great tourist sites, not to mention the place was pretty big, especially in New York standards for living space.

This entry is pretty short and sweet because most of this part of the trip was spent traveling but the upcoming videos will cover a lot more! So much so that I had to break up the next three days into 6 separate videos. So if you want to see the full weekend, make sure to keep checking back! And if you’re not already SUBSCRIBED to my YouTube channel, make sure to do so, so you don’t miss out on any of my other videos!

This entire video was filmed with my Google Pixel XL 2:

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