I'm Selling Everything!

You read that right, I’m selling everything!! Well almost everything, I’m keeping the basics of course, haha. But yes, I’m selling my house and just about everything in it, so I can purchase an RV and travel full time! Right now you’re thinking probably one of two things “He’s lost his mind” or “I wish I could do that”. The reason I’m making this prediction is because just about everyone that I’ve told this to so far has fallen into one of those two categories.

So what brought me to this decision? Well, it’s actually something that I’ve wanted to do for over 15 years now and I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to actually do it. Obviously, making a decision like this has a lot of moving parts and the biggest piece to the puzzle is money. How can you make this happen and still make enough money to survive? That reason alone is why this has been something I’ve “talked about doing” for over 15 years, that was until just recently.

It was Tuesday, May 28th of 2019 that I officially decided that I was going to move forward with this idea. What was the sudden deciding factor? I had just finished watching a handful of travel videos on YouTube, and the urge to sell it all and travel came to me once again, so I started to research it further and break down all the costs. 11 years ago I purchased my childhood home, the only address I’ve ever had my entire life, from my parents. To my surprise, the value of homes in my area had increased quite significantly. After running the numbers and several different cost scenarios, I realized that with the sell of my home, my dream to travel full time could actually happen! By the end of that night, I had spreadsheets of the costs broken down, models of RV’s narrowed to just a few, and an overall plan of how this was all going to roll into action.

My next steps were to tell my family and close friends, to get their reactions, and see if they were going to be an optimist or a pessimist. Not that I needed their approval but it does help when you have the support from the people you care about most. One by one, I explained my plan and how I would make it happen, and one by one, they gave me their support. Some had more questions, and objections than others, but everyone was behind me. Next on the list was securing a place to live for approximately one year after the sale of my home. Because I want time to save up money and also make some modifications to my RV before going out on the road full time. So I had dinner with a close friend and asked if I could rent from him for approximately one year, and he was also supportive and on board with my plan. Which brought me to the last, and one of the biggest parts of the puzzle, telling my employer. I didn’t want to jeopardize my employment by not keeping them in the loop of everything. I’m fortunate to have a GREAT employer and he was very understanding of my wishes to travel full time. While it’s still up in the air if I’ll continue being employed with them once I hit the road, I know that my job isn’t in jeopardy in the meantime.

So that’s it! All the major pieces of the puzzle are in place except for a few. Number one is selling my house! Number two is selling everything I own! Number three is getting this story in front of as many eyes as possible! Why is number three so important? Because a big part of my plan is making money while on the road! How am I planning to make money? I have several avenues that I will be utilizing, but one of them is this website you’re on right now, as well as my YouTube channel! I’ll be blogging and vlogging about my journey as I travel all throughout the U.S. and probably Canada too! So the more eyes that are following my journey, the more opportunity it gives me to continue traveling full time! Other parts of my plan for income are to continue helping small businesses and individuals with developing websites, managing social media, SEO, photography, videography and more! So if YOU or anyone you know needs any of these services, please reach out to me so I can help you build your brand, your business, and your following!

Remember at the beginning of this I said everyone was thinking one of two things? Well after their initial thoughts, I responded with my plan of attack. The next question just about everyone asked was “can I come with you?”. And the answer I gave to them was YES! I’m doing this venture solo but I’m certainly welcoming you to join me along the way. So if I’m in your town and you wanna jump on the RV for a few days or a week, then let’s make it happen. If you want to join me in traveling from one state to another, let’s do it! If you think your city is an awesome place to visit and I should head there, tell me about it and what places I should see! A big part of this journey for me is to see and travel to as many places as I can, but with the help of all of you, I can find places that I otherwise might have never thought to visit. So tell me the cool spots, the best time of year, the can’t miss eateries, the swimming holes, the parks, the bike trails, tell me everything you think I should see and do, and I’ll start adding them to my Bucket List!

If you want to see everything that I’m selling, you can do so here. Make note that this is simply an online catalog of everything I’m selling and not a store. So if you see something you want, shoot me a message with a screenshot of the item(s) and we’ll figure out the best way to make the payment for the item(s) and make arrangements to get the item(s) to you.

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