Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building

We may have had a busy day at Central Park and in China town but that didn’t mean we were gonna let the time in New York go to waste! So after a little R & R at our room, a few of us were ready to venture out again! This time we decided to check the Brooklyn Bridge and Empire State Building. From our room on Wall St, it took us a little less than 20 minutes to walk to the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately, we didn’t pay close attention to the weather forecast and before we knew it, it began to drizzle and by the time we reached the bridge, the drizzle turned to rain. We didn’t let the weather spoil our time though, we still made the best of it! Since the rain was coming down pretty steadily, I decided to go ahead and record my clip for bucket list item #366 while I had the chance.

The rain stayed pretty consistent for a while, so we headed up the bridge pretty quickly and hung out under the arches for a bit. At that time I decided it was probably best to put away the Canon M50 so the rain wouldn’t destroy it and I switched over to my Google Pixel XL2 since it’s waterproof. That what I ended up using to snap all my photos of the bridge with. After the rain slowed up, I managed to get in a little more video before we jumped into an Uber and headed to the Empire State Building.

I’m not sure if it’s because we decided to go at night or the weather or both, but it wasn’t as busy as I had expected, which was nice. We decided to pay the extra so we could visit the 80th, 86th, and 102nd floors! I’m glad we made that decision because the 80th floor was mostly dedicated to mostly educational plaques and some history on the building, which is a great way to learn about it. The downside to that though is that that floor was fully lighted, so when you tried to film or shoot photos out the window, you mostly just got a reflection of the room behind you. Once we got to the 86th floor though, it was better. But of course, there was a trade-off for that better view, it was outside on the observation deck. Let’s just say that 40-50 degree weather in the rain and 86 stories high was not fun at all but we went out there anyway and enjoyed it as best as we could. Before we headed up the 102nd floor, I went ahead and check off item #362 of my bucket list, visiting the Empire State Building!

We had to pay extra to go up the 102nd floor but in my opinion, it was worth it, especially after having just endured the rain and cold. It was another enclosed floor but this time there were almost no interior lights, which limited the amount of glare and reflections on the windows. So it gave us a chance to warm back up a bit and also take in the sights a little more because we could see much further than we could from the 86th floor, and not to mention since you had to pay more, there were way fewer people up there.

Overall I really enjoyed visiting both places! I’d love to have another visit to the Brooklyn Bridge in dry, warm weather so I can spend more time up there and take full advantage of all the scenic views in my photos!

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Below is a list of all the equipment that was used to film this video
Google Pixel XL 2:
Canon M50:
Canon 18-135:
Rode VMPRPLUS Videomic Pro-R+:
Rode DeadCat GO Windshield:
Manfrotto Mini Tripod:




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