2018 Road Trip With My Parents | Vegas to San Francisco | Pier 39 | Ghirardelli

After a full day in Las Vegas, NV it was time to hit the road once again! It was finally time to make it to our main destination of the trip, San Francisco, CA. We spent the majority of a day making that drive, with just enough time to get checked into the hotel, grab some dinner and go to bed for our upcoming day of activities in the city.

The following day we got our day started pretty early with some breakfast at Starbucks followed by a walk to the bus tour location, lucky for us, it was only a few blocks away. The tour lasted approximately 3 hours and it took us all throughout the city and was a wealth of information! We got to see all the known attractions from Golden Gate Bridge (Bucket List #292), to Lands End lookout, some museums, and much more! We had the option of taking the tour bus back to where we boarded or getting off at Pier 39. We of course chose Pier 39 where we did some more sightseeing and grabbed some lunch. Not sure what the deal is in California, but of all the meals we had there, none of them were anything to speak of. Maybe we’re just spoiled to all the great food options we have in Houston, TX.

Anyhow, after lunch and exploring more of Pier 39 (Bucket List #149), we continued our walk down the piers to Fisherman’s Wharf. Come to think of it, maybe we should have had our lunch here instead because the food smelled so much better than what we opted for on Pier 39. After making all the stops along the way on the piers, we eventually reached the beach and headed back upland to Ghirardelli Square. Ghirardelli Square is the former location of the Ghirardelli Chocolate factory and it’s now a mixed-use property with shops and eateries.

After we finished up at the square, we took an Uber back to our hotel and rested throughout the evening, only leaving for a quick dinner.




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