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After being awake for somewhere around 30 hours straight, a lot of driving, and some exploring on top of all that, it was nice to get back to the hotel and get some sleep! I wish I could say that I got plenty of rest but if I did, I’d be lying. Despite the lack of sleep, it was still enough to make the next leg of our trip. Our end of day destination was Las Vegas but I made sure to leave us some time to stop at the Grand Canyon on the way. After a few stops in the morning for breakfast, gas, and stopping by the restaurant from the night before (I forgot my credit card there) we officially got on the road and drove to The Grand Canyon!

I knew we wouldn’t have a full day at the Grand Canyon, so I made sure to take my parents to as many of the good lookout spots as possible over the few hours that we were there. My mom has a fear of heights and she did get up to a couple of the handrails and look over but for the most part, she kept her distance. My dad and I on the other hand got up close plenty of times and took in the views! Like my mom, I too have a fear of heights but I always try to push myself to conquer my fears as best as I can.

Before we left we made a quick stop at the gift shop to pick up a few souvenirs. I got my usual coffee mugs (I pick them up everywhere when I travel) and I also picked up a puzzle.

From there we hit the road, made a stop for some dinner, and then we finished the day off when we arrived in Las Vegas.




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