2018 Road Trip With My Parents A Day In Muir Woods

For our last day in San Francisco, we drove just a little North, across the Golden Gate Bridge to Mill Valley, to visit the Muir Woods National Monument. Muir Woods is home to some of the largest and oldest trees in the country, some as tall as 258 feet! I was initially a little worried about whether or not my parents would enjoy it because there it required quite a bit of walking. We stuck to the smallest, most basic trail, that goes through a decent stretch and then loops back. Considering the height of the trees and the nice paths they have in place, it was fairly easy for my parents. The mostly level pathways didn’t put too much stress on them and the shade provided from the trees kept us cool and out of direct sunlight. Both my parents were in awe and said they really enjoyed it. Neither of them had ever been in a forest or wooded area of that size.

Once we finished up at Muir Woods we stopped off in the town of Sausalito for dinner. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a very good selection of places to eat and it looked like most of the town was already shutting down for the day, so we just headed back to our hotel in San Francisco and walked to a nearby restaurant to eat.

Since it was our last day and there was quite a bit of driving ahead of us over the next three days, we didn’t venture out anywhere else for the day. The next leg of the trip was a drive to Phoenix, AZ, then San Angelo, TX, then a brief stop in Round Rock, TX before arriving back at home. So basically I had about 30 hours of driving ahead of me, and we still had to get our things packed and ready to go for the following morning.




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